Our Mission
We strive to benefit the life of pets, committing to become one of the global leading enterprises treating pet heart diseases.
Our History

The company was founded 

Xinyu Vet Hospital officially opened 

《Frontiers in Veterinary Medicine》reported”V-Clamp is the world first and currently the only device that can be used for minimally invasive intervention therapy of pet mitral valve diseases.” 

The first China Forum of Veterinary Cardiology was held.More than 50 of the country’s top pet heart therapists participated 

In cooperation with a team of American expers, we successfully completed the world’s first commercial pet heart mitral valve clamping operation.

Complete 30 million Series A funding round

Complete 50 million Series A+ funding round

Around 100 canine cases were cured and the success rate of immediate opearation was 100%. Have cooperation with well known chain brands.