V-Clamp is proved to effectively reduce severity of canine mitral valve regurgitation,and the operation is performed through a small apical incision, which greatly improves the safety of the operation.

Technical principle

The product is based on the principle of transcatheter edge-to-edge mitral valve repair, which has been widely used in human medicine and proved to be safe and effective. The human application of the product has also shown satisfactory results.

Implantation path

Implantation from the apex. The catheter operation time is short (about 20 minutes, making the procedure more safely.

Structural technology

Multiple sizes of devices can be selected for various dogs. Multiple clamps can be implanted to enhance the effect of procedure.

Guiding Image

The procedure can be performed just using echocardiography.

Minimally invasive advantages

No cardiac arrest is required, with minimal trauma and fast recovery. The catheter is only 6F or 14F. The device can be repeatedly clamped, and the clamping  position is adjustable without damaging the leaflets.

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